We are actively interviewing Junior through Senior Designers.

About you

  • You have ability to understand the big picture while zeroing in on the details.
  • You are a self-starter who actively solves problems.
  • You have a hard-working disposition.
  • You deliver above and beyond what is expected of you.
  • You possess the ability to communicate your ideas using a variety of methods, including conversations, emails, sketches, digital tools and presentations.
  • You have no problem working autonomously or collaboratively.
  • You seek and value feedback, knowing it will make your work that much stronger.
  • You can work on several concurrent projects without skipping a beat.
  • You have the ability to make judgment calls as necessary, knowing when to consult colleagues and management.
  • You have earned a Bachelor’s degree or hustled to gain equivalent experience.
  • You have a killer portfolio that clearly communicates the role you took in every project.
  • You have extensive experience using professional tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch.
  • You might have experience writing code, using motion graphics software or wrangling protoyping tools.
  • You might live in PDX—you might not. We are more concerned with your skill set than we are your location.

About us

  • We believe everyone brings a unique, intelligent perspective to the table. Collaboration beats competition. Execution over ego. Crew before you.
  • We love self-starters and they love us. People who have the ability to see the big picture and make things happen are given the freedom to do so.
  • We value process, but we don’t value rigidity. The ability to adapt to new projects, technologies and methodologies is important to us.
  • We refuse not to laugh—often at everyone’s expense. Humor keeps our minds nimble and encourages weird ideas. Thin-skinned folks need not apply.
  • We embrace what-ifs and the chaos they create. The unknown is calling and we are answering.
  • We value doing jobs well. That means that sometimes we do things the hard way. Attending to the details is the difference between blah and meaningful.

Show us what you’ve got.