Parliament is accepting applicants for quarterly internships.

About you

  • Our team is motivated and self-directed. Our interns must also have the ability to take direction, execute autonomously and touch base when needed.

  • Our program offers students the opportunity to work on internal or pro bono projects, such as our quarterly magazine.

  • Sorry, but we can’t give interns the opportunity to work on paid client work. They can, however, take part in creative reviews, presentations and pitches.

  • Internships are unpaid. We prefer to coordinate internships with college programs that give students credit for internships.

  • Our internship program is tailored for students who are studying graphic design and have experience working with Adobe products (PS, AI, ID). We’re open to marketing, copywriting and advertising students as well, but the burden is on you to sell yourself to us.

  • Internships are on-site. You must be in PDX for the length of the internship and have the ability to spend time in our studio for the duration of the program.

About us

  • We believe everyone brings a unique, intelligent perspective to the table. Collaboration beats competition. Execution over ego. Crew before you.

  • We love self-starters and they love us. People who have the ability to see the big picture and make things happen are given the freedom to do so.

  • We value process, but we don’t value rigidity. The ability to adapt to new projects, technologies and methodologies is important to us.

  • We refuse not to laugh—often at everyone’s expense. Humor keeps our minds nimble and encourages weird ideas. Thin-skinned folks need not apply.

  • We embrace what-ifs and the chaos they create. The unknown is calling and we are answering.

  • We value doing jobs well. That means that sometimes we do things the hard way. Attending to the details is the difference between blah and meaningful.


Show us what you’ve got.