Brand Designer

Parliament is actively hiring a Brand Designer with 3+ years of experience who has a passion for brand design and can back it up with a very strong portfolio.


You will work with a strategist, a creative director, a writer, and a project manager to design visual identities, graphic systems, guidelines, campaigns, and brand executions. You will also support colleagues as needed.


You will work autonomously or collaboratively on several concurrent projects without skipping a beat, all the while self-starting, actively solving problems, and delivering beyond what is expected.


You will articulate your ideas and concepts internally and externally. Your ability to communicate, listen, and synthesize are critical parts of your role.


You will make judgment calls as necessary, knowing when to consult colleagues and management. You will also seek and value feedback, knowing it will make your work that much stronger.


You will use Slack, Dropbox, and Adobe products daily. You might also have the ability to write code, create motion graphics, and use tools like Figma.


You will participate in internal and external conversations, brainstorms, and critiques, as well as present your work to colleagues and clients.

Working hours

You will be available during normal working hours and participate in scheduled or impromptu conversations, presentations, reviews, and critiques. You might live in PDX—you might not.


You will get a salary, healthcare (medical/dental/vision), 401k match, and three weeks of annual paid time off. We also offer annual bonuses based on profitability. Learn more about how we handle benefits.


You will enjoy a casual, non-competitive work environment that prizes killer work and killer weekends, alongside colleagues who could get a job anywhere else but choose not to.

Can you bring the thunder as a Brand Designer at Parliament? Do you have the disposition to match our ethos, vibe, and focus? If so, then please apply. We’re interested in seeing your portfolio and getting a sense of how you approach your work. We’d say best of luck, but luck has nothing to do with it.

Apply to be a Brand Designer


We are on a mission to find the truth and make it rad. Above all else, we value curiosity, can-do attitudes, initiative-takers and team players. People who exemplify these characteristics tend to enjoy working here. People that don’t—don’t.


We are committed to maintaining a small team. If you enjoy juggling multiple projects, learning on the fly, and working with clients directly, then you might like working here. However, if you want to make political moves, tackle one thing at a time, or experience the buzz of a larger agency, we aren’t a good fit.


We don’t do everything. Our focus is on brand strategy, visual identities, design systems, messaging frameworks, and campaign concepts. We don’t buy ads, develop apps, or tackle digital marketing initiatives. Stoked about defining brands? Well, we do that.