It’s gonna get WYLD

We’re stoked to help Oregon’s #1 maker of cannabis edibles expand their offering locally and nationally.


WYLD Edibles, a Portland-based cannabis startup with an already loyal following, has selected Parliament for strategic branding and marketing at this crucial point in their growth. Currently the Beaver State’s best-selling brand of cannabis edibles by revenue, WYLD is forecasted to be the #1 cannabis edibles brand in the country by the end of 2019 – and they’ve done it all without a single dollar of VC investment.

Like all successful ventures, WYLD was started in a garage. Aaron Morris and Chris Joseph set up shop during the heady early days of medical cannabis in Bend, Oregon in 2016. Morris and Joseph are also the co-founders and CEOs of Wild Roots Spirits (2013), a line of naturally flavored vodkas that showcase the same NW fruit profiles as their gummies and sparkling beverages.

Since legalization, the cannabis business has been booming and some estimates have valued the global cannabis edibles market at approximately $2.3B in 2018 and expect it to generate around $11.5B by 2025. That’s a shit ton of gummies.

“The organic growth we’re seeing is truly remarkable. As we get ready to enter new markets and introduce new products, we need the right positioning, partners and strategy to go as far as we can go,” said Aaron Morris, founder and CEO of WYLD. “How consumers engage with brands has changed dramatically, and Chris and his team at Parliament are known for transformative brand-building.”

So what does WYLD have in store for the future? In May 2019, WYLD released a line of CBD fruit gummies (available in Blackberry, Huckleberry, Lemon, and Raspberry) and will launch a line of CBD sparkling beverages in June 2019.  WYLD also has plans to expand in Colorado, Michigan, and Massachusetts by the later part of 2019. Parliament will be working closely with the team at WYLD to provide brand guidance for these rollouts and to help ensure they continue to dominate the cannabis game.