We teamed up with Corkcicle to pull off some good old-fashioned adventure.


Corkcicle makes premium canteens that look great and take punishment. When the sun’s out, they keep beverages cold. In the darkness of winter, they keep stuff hot. Damn it if they don’t look good doing it.


With snowy boots and misted parkas, we traversed Iceland’s bitter tundra to document the Corkcicle lineup in the conditions they were designed to withstand. We came back with videos for social, a three-minute brand spot and a photo catalog of gear in action across the magic land.

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Parliament has a job everyone wishes they had. In spite of our jealousy, we received incredible footage of our products. They offer a unique model for the demands of a brand today where there’s always a need for more high quality content.
— Stephen Bruner, Corkcicle