We teamed up with Haydenshapes to build a digital surfboard design studio.


HS Studio


Hayden Cox, the man behind Haydenshapes, is the closest thing we have to an Ocean Lord. Master of both the seas and fashionable haircuts, his surfboards have won Board of the Year three times in a row. He pushes the industry forward by using technology to overcome the production limitations that come with custom fabrication.


To that end, we created HS Studio, an online surfboard designer that lets you design and purchase custom surfboards. By rethinking what a run-of-the-mill product configurator can do, anyone can partner with Haydenshapes to design the surfboard of their dreams.

  • Services
  • UX/UI
  • Visual Design
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  • Team
  • Aaron Noah
  • Adam Shalz
  • Chris Erickson
  • Eric Van Holtz
  • Kyle Hinze
  • Lucas Swick
  • Willy Bravenec
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  • Haydenshapes