We teamed up with Icon to build the world’s best motorcycle gear website.




Icon is the patron saint of ass-puckering speed. They make the stuff that keeps riders alive. Centered on life-saving quality, refined detail and their own style, Icon armors four distinct product lines of helmets, jackets and leathers, boots and other asphalt-deterring apparel.


We brought their Icon, Icon 1000 and Raiden brands to life online in all their road- and dirt-terrorizing splendor. With one back-end to rule them all, their massive collection of products, bikes and stories are ready to commandeer the next 72-hours of your life.

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  • Aaron Noah
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  • Icon Motosports
Parliament’s tailored approach gave us the creative control to tell our brand story in a really unique way. They were extremely professional, flexible and a blast to work with.
— Ryan Miller, Art Director
Our previous website took a team of designers, image processors, and IT professionals to update content. Now, we have a dedicated staff of one to manage all content updates.
— Ryan Miller, Art Director