While the idea of work/life balance is noble, we’ve found that true balance—in any aspect of life—is nearly impossible (and it certainly isn’t sustainable). Anybody who’s had a newborn or a puppy knows this. There are crazy, busy, productive times, and there are leisurely, rejuvenating times. We aren’t driven to find a theoretical balance, but rather, to support each other as we individually and collectively pursue full, rewarding lives in the midst of the chaos and blessings the universe throws our way.


If you’re looking for a full-time gig that isn’t at a large agency, an all-consuming start-up, or a soul-sucking megacorp, you’ll likely find our salaries competitive.


We offer three medical plans, two dental plans, and two vision plans, all through Aetna. Employees have the freedom to select the plans that make the most sense for them and their family. For every plan, Parliament pays 100% of employee premiums and a little over 90% of their spouse/family premiums.

Paid Time Off

We offer 15 days of paid time off for every calendar year and we want you to take it.


We match 401k contributions up to 4% of your annual salary.


There is little hand-holding at Parliament. Self-starting problem solvers love the amount of autonomy and freedom we give them. Others have told us that we expect too much from them. If you’re the former (and you can deliver), you’ll be stoked on our approach to project management.


As long as they don’t interfere with client relationships or job performance, we’re a-okay if you take on outside projects that give you additional income, divergent perspectives, or creative opportunities.

Workplace flexibility

We have a Portland office and we love working in the same space. That said, we’re flexible when it comes to where you work as long as collaboration and communication is strong.