Evolving their marketing to hit the target dead center.

After we developed Leupold’s brand guidelines, the legendary optics maker needed help writing the next chapter of their successful Be Relentless campaign. We were happy to oblige.


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  • Campaign
  • Concepting
  • Graphic Design
  • Messaging
  • Standards

Parliament develops directional strategies, brand platforms, and creative executions for B2Cs at critical inflection points.

What we do

The first order of business was to create a strong narrative to connect the past to the present and to keep Leupold's loyal fans excited about what lies ahead for the brand.

Leupold relentless task

Leopold's mission for well over a century has been to make epic moments possible. We came up with four unique concepts to highlight this fact while at the same time remaining true to the "Be Relentless" creed.

The concept they chose aligned perfectly, both visually and in tone, with their archetype of The Hero.

The next step was to zero in on the typography, tweaking and re-tweaking until we achieve just the right balance of rugged and refined.

Sometimes small changes make a big difference. We shortened "Be Relentless" to "Relentless", a move which allowed this one-word headline to play the role of powerful mantra for the entire campaign.

With style guide in hand, the internal team could easily crank out consistent, on-brand communications – whether it be in the form of catalog, trade show booth, social post, or graphic t-shirt.

Parliament is a dynamic group that thinks strategically.
Lucas Burt Brand creative manager Leupold

Conceptual directions

Our clients know first-hand that there is always more than one way to skin a thing.


Layout templates

We made sure the in-house team would be prepared for any possible situation.


Presentation pages

Many, many fine gigabytes were sacrificed for this noble cause.

Credit where it’s due.

Special thanks to the Leupold crew for letting us play a small part in the continued awesomeness of an already legendary brand. Images by Leupold. Design, concepts and strategy by Parliament.

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