Rainier Beer

Setting up Rainier’s brand foundation for the next 100 years.

Rainier was enjoying a long run of go-to beer status in the northwest, but the brand itself was kind of stuck on autopilot. As the company evolved, they needed some help getting to the root of what Rainier beer is all about and then sharing it with the world.


  • Alignment
  • Positioning
  • Identity
  • Voice & Tone
  • Standards

Parliament develops directional strategies, brand platforms, and creative executions for B2Cs at critical inflection points.

What we do
The Parliament team is smart, fun, great at communication, and they have particularly strong creative talent and brand-building abilities. I highly recommend them.
Mike Scott Brand Manager Rainier Beer
Flying off the shelves

Rainier has undeniably great classic looks. We took their identity and gave it a little modern love which, we then carried through to a complete packaging system.

Go medium

Rainier has always been associated with low-key fun in the great outdoors. We understand that vibe completely and we're uniquely qualified to bring it to life throughout every touchpoint. Campfires and cannonballs anyone?

Fully integrated

Packaging, stickers, billboards, new products, coasters, special promotions, posters, even the pull tabs on the beer cans – we had our hands in everything, keeping it all consistent and on-brand.


Unexpected product

We didn't see Rainier Gin coming, but we're sure glad it did.



That's a lot of good people digging the brand and digging the lifestyle.


Cans crushed

The launch party for the new brand at our studio left us with a very full recycling bin.

Credit where it’s due.

Thank you Rainier for trusting us with your beloved R and for letting us call it research every time we pop a gold top. Brand platform, identity, and packaging by Parliament. Packaging studio photography by Scott Snyder. Apparel design by Casual Industrees.

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