Rainier Beer

Brewing up some fresh new packaging.

Rainier Beer has been the unofficial official beer of the Pacific Northwest for over a century. In the last decade, it has seen a resurgence in popularity, and they want to make sure the good times rolling. After trusting us to develop their brand platform and a new identity, they asked us to create a new packaging system.


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What we do

The big red R and the iconic Mt Rainier are sacred in this part of the world, and it was extra important not to screw them up. We let the Pacific Northwest’s outdoorsy lifestyle and the brand’s storied history be our guide as we created a new, sleeker design. Naturally, the R remained front and center—in fact—it is more fronter and centerer than ever. For the first time, cans and case packs have sides that feature megasized Rs sans “ainier.”

We’ve been working with Rainier for several years, becoming not only an extension of their team but friends too. Between researching, concepting, prototyping, and implementing, there was always room in our process for evening meetings over beers. Rainier Beer, of course.

Another round of Rainiers, my good man!

Rainier has long been thought of as a one-beer brand but we’ve been lucky enough to help them change that. With the design system we have created, it will be easy for them to add new brews to their lineup. So keep an eye out, you may just see something new and exciting coming out of a beer cooler near you.


Different products

Rainier has kept our hands full. The lawyers won’t let us share it all with you, but trust us, it’s all really nice.



It had been quite a while since the big red R had an update before we got our hands on it.


Pallets of free beer

When Rainier sent us some products to sample, they weren’t messing around.


Items of Rainier memorabilia

This is what you’ll find in the average suburban Seattle rumpus room.

Credit where it’s due.

Thanks to the Rainier crew for giving us the opportunity to make sure that what’s on the outside of your bottles, cans, and boxes is just as tasty as what’s inside. Brand, identity, and packaging design by Parliament. Photography by Scott Snyder and Parliament.

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