Rainier Beer

Behold—the most majestic snowboard to ever hit the slopes.

True northwest originals. Badasses in their respective industries. Expert good-time fun-havers. When Rainier + Lib Tech teamed up to make a promotional snowboard, they really went for it. And so did we.


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  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design

Parliament develops directional strategies, brand platforms, and creative executions for B2Cs at critical inflection points.

What we do
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Sean McKillop Brand Manager Rainier Beer

Inspired by vintage Rainier artwork and fantasy spacescapes, we wanted to create a snowboard that fans would be stoked out of their minds to ride. We doubled-down on concepts that highlighted Rainier’s loveable weirdness and worked with Shahab Alizadeh from Vienna, Austria to crush the final illustration.


Emails to Vienna

Through the magic of the internet, we worked with a killer illustrator on the dark side of the planet.


Office snowboards

We scored two of these limited-edition boards for the studio. We don’t know whether to ride them or frame them.


Minutes debating

How many asteroids are too many asteroids? The world may never know.

Credit where it’s due.

As always, megathx to Sean McKillop and the team at Rainier for trusting us with such weird ideas. High fives to Lib Tech for putting a howling beer can on one of their dopeass boards. Shahab Alizadeh crushed the artwork, and we can’t wait to work with him again. And, importantly, we have so much gratitude for the snow that lets us have fun at its expense.

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