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Creating a home base for the eccentric world traveler.

When Prometheus committed to putting Portland’s Slabtown neighborhood back on the map, they knew it had to be done right. Each property needed a unique story and personality. Because we are all unique, special individuals with our own hopes and dreams, and no one wants to live in a generic, soulless pile of bricks.


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  • Positioning
  • Identity
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  • Standards

Parliament develops directional strategies, brand platforms, and creative executions for B2Cs at critical inflection points.

What we do
Parliament’s team is smart, thoughtful, fresh, and talented. Plus, they’re easy to work with, and you can count on consistently excellent results. 
Jackie Safier CEO Prometheus Real Estate Group

Starting with a neighborhood superstrategy

Prometheus’ portfolio of luxury apartments includes four that inhabit a three-block radius in NW Portland. To ensure they weren’t simply cannibalizing each other, we developed an overarching strategy so each property could be unique and compelling. This was done in advance of their architectural and interior design work, allowing each property’s brand strategy to inform its programming, decorating, finishes, art selection, etc. This approach helps Prometheus stand apart and creates real value for its residents in a world of post-construction surface treatment apartment brands.

Tales of travel and intrigue

When you travel the world, you bring back stories. That amazing market in Dhaka. Those cliffs in Antrim. That weird scorpion thing you drank in Patpong. The Raleigh Slabtown brand revolves around stories of travel and the trinkets and curios we bring home. Throughout history, the Raleigh name has belonged to several eclectic, notable travelers. These stories sparked our imaginations and served as a framework informing every part of the brand, from identity to architecture. We called the concept The Traveler’s Den.

Identity through consistency

When a brand is laser-focused on a singular story and aimed at a specific target, it’s easy to apply that focus to every element of the brand and its building. We created a super modular identity system based on a lifetime of mish-mashed travel treasures and applied them across everything from fits and finishes to messaging, signage, and even the quirky light fixtures in the 5th-floor restroom.

Extending ephemera to every touchpoint

A designer’s best dream and also worst nightmare, we dug up oodles of vintage keepsakes for inspiration, which we then curated and organized. To the untrained eye, our choices seemed eclectic to say the least, so we defined rules and standards to ensure that we stayed true to our story of famous Raleighs.

The perfect marriage of brand, architecture & decor

When the paint dried and the final lightbulb was screwed tight, Raleigh Slabtown’s visual cues, stories, and messages came together to seamlessly establish the refined-yet-cozy look and feel of this distinct luxury living experience.


Famous Raleigh’s

Inspiration can come from anywhere. In this case, it comes from a family of explorers, poets, and eccentrics with roots in Portland.


Hours exploring

Time flies when you fall into the rabbit hole of vintage public domain graphic design and historic travel paraphernalia.


Vintage pommel horse

Lest you think the old-world-meets-modern-design vibes stop at the fitness center.


Years in advance

Prometheus often gets us involved in building the brand years before they even break ground.

Credit where it’s due.

Big thanks to the team at Prometheus for doing such a great job of bringing the vision for this brand to life—from the champagne bronze finishes on the drawer pulls to the vintage paper-inspired texture on their postcards. Strategy, messaging, and identity by Parliament. Renders provided by Prometheus. Photography by Branden Leion.

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