Prometheus Real Estate Group

Putting Slabtown back on the map.

The Carson Apartments are the best thing to happen to Slabtown since the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition of 1905. Prometheus Real Estate Group’s vision for this industrial Northwest Portland neighborhood is to bring high-tech apartment living and laid-back Portland charm to this soon-to-be-hip-again hood. We think they nailed it.


  • Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Language
  • Messaging
  • Standards

Parliament develops directional strategies, brand platforms, and creative executions for B2Cs at critical inflection points.

What we do

Brand identity

Creating the brand identity for The Carson was all about striking a balance between the building itself, the materials used, and the sophisticated woodsy chic that comes with being in a city so close to nature.


The Carson wordmark was built on a modern typeface inspired by vintage letter forms helping it feel affluent without feeling stuffy.

Story rings

Beneath the sleek modern trappings of Slabtown lies a rich history. These stories needed to be told, so we had them engraved into concentric steel rings, representing the rings of a tree, recessed into the concrete sidewalk.

Brand standards

To make sure all of their communication stays crisp and consistent, we created brand standards for the client. With a clear guide in place, everyone involved knows the preferred way to treat every element on every leasing flyer, website, or brochure they crank out.


These apartments do everything but lease themselves. To highlight one of the coolest features of the building, we created a campaign aimed at young, busy professionals that was focused on all the smart ways Amazon services and products are integrated into these homes.

Slabtown, and the livin’ is easy.

As one of the first modern buildings to go up in Slabtown, The Carson has really set the tone for the rest of the neighborhood to follow. This gorgeous building serves as the gateway into a hip, new scene and its aura looms as big as its footprint. We’re thrilled to have been part of Slabtown’s revival and we can’t wait to see how the neighborhood fills out.



From the rooftop deck of the Carson you can see Mt St Helens, Mt Hood and Mt Adams.



When you live at a Prometheus property, you’re a Neighbor, not a tenant. We think that’s nice.


Dog to people ratio

What good is having an amazing apartment if you don’t have someone to share it with?


Shades of green

It was tricky finding the exact right shade of green for The Carson. We got deep in the weeds but we think we found it.

Credit where it’s due.

Thanks to the crew at Prometheus for letting us help create something that will forever be part of our own city. Brand Identity by Parliament. Building renders by Prometheus.

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