Kicking the tires on Rivian’s brand platform and messaging system.

Rivian is leading the charge by developing electric vehicles that are insanely capable and inspiring to the type of modern explorers who care about the world they live in. We worked with their leadership team to focus on Rivian’s brand position and align it with their business as they drove toward their IPO. Rivian’s technology is incredible, and their team is made up of the world’s smartest automotive minds, so it was job #1 to ensure that they have a brand strategy and messaging framework to match.


  • Alignment
  • Positioning
  • Art Direction
  • Messaging
  • Voice & Tone
  • Naming

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What we do
I’ve worked with a lot of brand agencies, and Parliament provided one of the best working relationships I’ve had yet.
Rob Williams Chief Creative Officer Rivian

Alignment from top to bottom

In collaboration with RJ Scaringe, Rivian's founding CEO, and his senior leadership team, we helped Rivian articulate its vision company-wide and establish a strategic brand platform. We delivered a killer brand platform that serves as a strategic foundation for internal, external, and corporate comms as Rivian grows and evolves.

A solid foundation for corporate comms

Following our engagement, Rivian’s creative, marketing, and communications teams extended the brand platform and designed an instantly iconic visual identity. The auto industry is an established, crowded marketplace, but Rivian’s electric yellow mark manages to cut right through the noise.

Messaging on lock

Rivian is leading consumers into uncharted territory, and they needed a strategic way to convey what they’re all about. We developed a messaging framework that took the brand platform and put it into action. Rivian's vision is ambitious and inspiring—and their messaging reflects that. From sustainability to technology to world-class performance, Rivian's messaging pillars lay a foundation for tactical copywriting to build upon.

Electric Adventure Vehicle

Rivian ain’t your granddaddy’s pickup truck. As they aim to fundamentally change what an electric vehicle is capable of, we needed to re-think the category. We also wanted to create some strategic distance between Rivian’s electric vehicles and the attributes typically associated with the traditional truck market. The fact is, the R1T and R1S offer much more than a typical truck or SUV. Thus Electric Adventure Vehicles (EAVs) were born. We hope you’ll be hearing those three words a lot more in the future.

From Detroit to Normal, Illinois

A chance to drive the Rivian R1T electric vehicle prototype around their track? Yes, please. An Oculus virtual product experience? Check. Factory tour? Yup. Rivian impressed at every turn. These days, mobility and tech start-ups are a dime-a-dozen, but there’s only one Rivian.


Files shared in Slack

How did anything get done before Slack? Great distances are no match for digital innovation and effective communication!



We collaborated with teams in Michigan, Illinois, California, Oregon, and New York.


Private capital

Leading up to Rivian’s IPO, they raised $12B from private capital.

Auto industry on blast

People went bananas when Rivian unveiled its introductory EAVs. Huge investments from the likes of Amazon, Ford, and T. Rowe Price came rolling in, proving that Rivian is changing the way people are thinking about electric vehicles, transportation, and sustainability. We may not know exactly what the future looks like, but with Rivian behind the wheel, it’s going to be fun.

Credit where it’s due.

Thanks to the crew at Rivian for being such great collaborative partners. We love your commitment to revolutionizing adventure for future generations, and we were stoked to ride shotgun. Creative direction, brand strategy, audience research, messaging, and copywriting by Parliament. Photography, video, visual identity, and digital experience produced by Rivian and their marketing/communications agencies.

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